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A little about me...  I'm the one behind the the camera encouraging your every pose or dancing to make your littles smile. I started with photography when I moved to Europe for graduate school a few years back. Since then, I have been learning from the best in the business, honing my craft and meeting the sweetest of families. 

I am a new mom to the sweetest baby girl in the world, Josephine. Becoming a mom has brought such new perspective into my work. I love being able to treat mothers and families to gorgeous works of art of their most cherished little loves.

I'm often asked what my middle name, Aimée, means (and how to pronounce it, ah-may). Aimée is the french variation of Amy. My mom chose it because it sounded like the French word for friend, ami. It also means beloved. And that's exactly how I hope you'll think of me - a friend to capture your most beloved memories. 

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Do you remember the days visiting your grandparents, pouring over albums upon albums of family photos? Your parents' lives spread out on the pages before you. Photos leading to stories, leading to long-forgotten memories, recalling details from days long ago. 

I do. It was always my favorite pastime visiting my grandma, the family documentarian. Now the task has passed down to me, documenting the days as they go by, keeping the record for my nieces and nephews, for my own children to come. 

Now think of your children, ten, twenty, fifty years from now. What will they have to look back on to remember a time they were too young to recall themselves. 

It would be my honor to be your family's documentarian, too! Forever chronicling your journey together with timeless portraits that your family will enjoy for generations to come. 

A Photo is Worth a Thousand Memories

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During your session, you'll notice me shooting with multiple cameras. This is because I am a hybrid film photographer, which means I shoot on both a digital camera as well as a film camera. 

Film is my favorite medium to create beautiful portraits for my clients. here are a few reasons why: The colors are so rich and deep in a way that digital just can't match. A softer focus allows for smoother and creamier skin tones, perfectly hiding any imperfections. It's fine art look evokes luxury and quality. The way film renders light is magical. Even simple and mundane moments feel special on film

It's timeless. Film has been around for over a hundred years and is still considered the luxury medium for photography. You will enjoy your film images for years to come.

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